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Lanchester Projects
Update on Recent & Future Lanchester Projects
  • Recirculating Leachate - The Authority began recirculating leachate in 2001. Recirculation promotes the more rapid decomposition and stabilization of Lanchester’s waste mass. The high-efficiency ultrafiltration reverse osmosis leachate treatment plant backs up the leachate recirculation system when needed. 
  • Providing Landfill Gas - The Authority has contracted with a landfill gas developer, Granger Energy, who is providing landfill gas to replace natural gas at seven local businesses and generating three megawatts of electricity. 
  • Low-Cost & Natural Weed / Grass Control - The Authority will continue the past practice of using goats and sheep as natural, low-cost weed and grass control. 
  • Covering the Landfill - The Authority is required to use a uniform approved daily cover. The Authority utilizes several different approved daily and intermediate covers on the landfill, such as tarps and Posi-Shell (a spray-on daily cover), are cost-effective ways to reduce soil use and save landfill space. 
  • Synthetic Grass Cover - The Authority is planning to cap a portion of Area D3 with an impermeable synthetic grass cover system as a demonstration project in 2013.
  • Wildlife Habitat Certification - In November 2010, the Authority received  Wildlife at Work Certification with the Wildlife Habitat Council.  In May 2013 the Wildlife Habitat Council recognized the Lanchester Landfill as a Conservation Education Site.
  • Scenic Overlook - In the summer of 2001, the Authority opened a scenic overlook on the closed Area B site that is used by the public for picnicking and viewing the surrounding countryside on Sunday afternoons May through October.  A nature trail around a portion of the landfill was opened to the public in May 2011. The Lanchester Nature Trail was extended to 3 miles round trip in 2012 and a 2013 expansion is planned.
  • Preparing for Area E - Phase 2 of construction was awarded to a contractor in May 2013.  The first cell of the Area E Landfill Expansion is planned to start accepting waste in late 2014 or early 2015. 
  • Upgrading Storage Tanks - The Authority upgraded its two leachate storage tanks from 650,000 gallons each to 850,000 gallons each in 2009. Process improvements were completed in 2010 and 2012 to increase throughput.  The Authority is planning a demonstration project that utilizes constructed wetlands to further treat effluent.