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Lanchester Today
Current Facts about the Landfill & CCSWA
  • Recipients of Services - The CCSWA provides an essential public service to 49 Chester County communities, about 400,000 residents, and hundreds of businesses throughout the county.
  • Employees & Salaries - The CCSWA currently employs 26 operating, administrative, and management personnel. Salaries and wages represent less than 7.1% of the Authority’s total annual budget for 2013.
  • Tipping Fee - Portions of Lanchester’s tipping fee are directed to benefit host communities as well as county and state environmental stewardship programs. From the $59 fee collected for every ton:
    • $2 goes to the Pennsylvania Recycling Fund
    • $4.25 to the Environmental Stewardship Fund
    • $3 to Chester County
    • $3 to Caernarvon Township
    • $0.476 to both the Borough and Township of Honey Brook
    • $0.13 to Salisbury Township
  • 1,000 Tons a Day - Lanchester accepts an average of 1,000 tons per day of non-hazardous municipal refuse and residuals. About 90% of this waste is generated in Chester County.
  • Accepted Wastes - Wastes accepted for disposal include:
    • Municipal solid waste
    • Asbestos
    • Construction / demolition debris
    • Sludge
    • Other non-hazardous residuals approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • Expanded Recycling - A recipient of the 2010 Pennsylvania Waste Watcher Award for Outstanding Achievement, Lanchester continues to expand the items collected for recycling.