Medical Waste Disposal

Home Health Care Wastes

Help prevent injury, illness, and pollution by following these simple steps when disposing of home health care wastes in your household trash.

Do's & Don'ts for Disposing of Medical Waste

  • Do place sharps in an opaque, puncture-resistant container.
  • Do seal lids on containers of sharps with heavy-duty tape.
  • Do seal trash bags with tape or wire / plastic ties.
  • Do label plastic jugs or metal cans with the words, "Do not recycle."
  • Do keep waste containers out of reach from children and animals.
  • Don't place loose sharps in the trash or toilet.
  • Don't label the containers as medical waste.
  • Don't clip needles with a pair of scissors.
  • Don't place sealed waste containers in with recyclables.

How to Dispose of Prescription Drugs

Review the guidelines for prescription drug disposal.

For More Information

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