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Availability of Grants & Applications
The county recycling coordinator will announce grant availability, provide application forms at this website, offer assistance, and send due date reminders.

Section 902 Recycling Grants -
Section 902 grants fund 90% of approved costs for municipalities to establish municipal recycling programs. Municipalities defined as financially distressed under Act 47 of 1987 may seek funding for 100% of approved costs. These grants are made available from time to time with some restrictions. View Grant Application

Section 904 Performance Grants-
Section 904 grants are awarded for municipal recycling programs based on Act 101 materials recycled and on the percentage of recyclables diverted from landfilling. These grants have historically been offered annually with 2017 applications due Friday, September 28, 2018. View Grant Application

DEP Web Site

Technical Assistance Grant Form  View Grant Application

Natural Gas Grant View Information

Waste Watcher Award  View Application

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