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Professional Service Contracts
Competition in the Award of Contracts
The Authority typically requests that consulting firms interested in the professional service needs of the Authority submit a current Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). The SOQ should include information such as: an introduction of the firm’s background and capabilities, qualifications, and an experience statement, some representative project profiles, resumes of key personnel, and a current hourly fee schedule.

Short List
Prior to issuing a request for proposal, the Authority typically reviews the SOQs submitted by firms that are interested and committed to the affairs of the Authority. Short lists are typically selected by the Authority’s senior staff personnel. Those firms that have demonstrated the minimum qualifications required for a specific assignment are included on the short list.

Request For Proposal
Proposals are requested from all of the short listed firms. The Authority’s selection committee will review all the proposals and may request interviews. A final selection will be recommended to the Authority Board.

Selection Criteria
The selection committee will review the proposals. The ability to deliver quality and value in final constructed project will be the primary selection criteria. The proposed schedule and availability may also be considered.