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Kids Corner

How to Make a Windsock                                                                           
Here is a fun craft you can make - a really cool windsock out of a plastic bottle. You canturn your trash into treasure. Download the Windsock Project Instructions, including tips, tricks, and necessary materials.

Color with the Recycle Team
Download the Recycling Team's Coloring Book, a fun way to help teach children how important it is that everyone do their share to reduce waste, reuse products, and recycle as much as possible at home, work, and play.

Read the Erth Moore Worm Story Book
Download the Erth Moore Worm Story Book, which is an educational story that helps teach children about composting, ecology, and the environment.

Color and Read The Magic Box in My Backyard
Download The Magic Box in My Backyard, which is an educational story and coloring pages to teach children about composting.

Additional Resources
        This program promotes education and awareness and offers solutions to a worldwide problem.
  • Prang Power Recycling Program - - Recycle Prang Art Markers using pre-paid shipping labels.
  • Pencils From Newspapers Fundraiser
  • Fundraising Opportunity - Solo Cup Brigade
  • Conducting Student Food Waste Audits