Wood / Vegetative Waste

2024 Fee Schedule

Amount (per ton)
Leaves / grass clippings
(free of plastic bags and refuse)
October - January$25
February - September$55
Branches and tree limbs (up to 16" diameter and 8’ length)$55
Brush, shrubs, and potted plants (free of plastic and refuse)$55
Construction-related wood waste (free of refuse, unpainted, and non-pressure treated)$55
Pallets, skids, wooden crates$55
Commingled loads of construction wood (Item 4) and any vegetative waste (Items 1-3)$55
Clean-up fee for loads containing trash, stones, and dirt. $120 each

Please note: Wood waste containing refuse, plastics, painted and/or pressure treated wood should be disposed of as municipal solid waste at the Authority’s adopted rate. Also, stones, rocks, and excessive amounts of dirt cannot be dumped at the compost site.

**Lanchester Landfill does not accept stumps for composting or disposal.
For more information on stump disposal, please contact:

Ridgewood Soils
175 Angstadt Lane
Birdsboro, PA 19508


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